If you don’t know who you are trying to reach, how are you going to reach them? I’m not just talking about knowing a few points about the demographic – age, gender, marital status, income. No, no, no! If you want to meet the needs of your idea customer, you need to KNOW that customer!


I’m talking the nitty-gritty, the day-to-day, the DETAILS!

-Where does your client live? Get specific, here! Big city, little village, country roads, etc. NAME the place!

-What are your clients’ hobbies?

-What books does your client read?

– What TV shows does your client watch? Does your client even watch TV?

-What movies will your client watch at the theatre?

-What movies will he/she wait for the DVD release?

-Does your client have a family? How many children?

-Does he/she live alone?


-What experience does your client want?

-What struggles does your client have?

-What does your client fear?

-What does your client enjoy?

-What/Who does your client love?


You can probably think of other questions to answer about your ideal client. That’s a good start – gather all the data you can about your client.


Here’s the thing, though – THAT’S NOT ENOUGH! It’s a great way to build a skeleton of an idea about who you are marketing to, but you must take it even further. I’ve heard it called ‘developing your ideal customer avatar’. In order to really serve your client well, you need to give him/her a story. Once you know the story of your ideal customer avatar, it suddenly becomes easy to create social media posts for that person. You know WHICH social media sites to utilitze, because your ideal customer is there!

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