It’s not a bad idea to let you know about us, and let you decide if we are people worth listening to when it comes to online marketing!

We have a lot of experience under our belt with selling online. My husband and I began selling on eBay way back in 2005. He overheard someone talking about the success she was having selling on eBay, and he decided to check it out. We opened our first eBay store – selling primarily books – in April of that year.

Then we started taking our bookstore on the road – we spoke at homeschool conferences and sold our books to the people who attended. I loved the interaction with other homeschool families. My husband volunteered me to speak at one of the conferences, and people actually came to hear what I had to say. No one knew who I was, but the topic was of interest, and so, they came to hear about it. We had quite a bit of success, and I fell in love with meeting people face-to-face and helping them.

Then we opened our own website. We have continually refined, updated, and evolved our site. It’s a great place to get an opportunity to serve our clients and customers directly. We have built some amazing relationships with clients this way.

Then we began selling on Amazon as a side-gig to our other selling. We didn’t really see it as a big part of our business, but felt having a presence there was valuable.

We did all of these things while my husband continued to work a full time day job, and I continued to homeschool our 5 children.

In 2012, we decided to take the plunge and began preparing for my husband to leave his day job. We got training on how to grow our Amazon business, and I got busy building that part of our business up. My husband came home from the day job in February of 2013. We did it! As of this writing, he’s been home full time for 3 years and 11 months, and our online income has supported our family of 7.

We’ve gained experience with every aspect of the selling process online – bringing customers to our items, completing the sale, all the way to service after the sale – and we’ve done it on many platforms. We are able to take this valuable experience and help companies grow their business by getting online and taking advantage of the various tools available to them.

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