The scariest thing about starting a blog is the fear that one day you will wake up with nothing to say to your audience. Long before you even build an audience, the fear of letting them down ‘someday’ creeps in.

That’s ridiculous! I know!

I have NEVER woken up with ‘speaking block’! I never get out of bed and only utter Mmmmm….Mmmmmmm all day long!

The fact of the matter is I love to chat with friends and colleagues. My family and I are usually the last ones to leave church because we just enjoy visiting with friends. I often arrive early at meetings just so I have a chance to chat with colleagues and friends who will be there. I even hang around a bit afterwards, if I can afford the time! Given a chance, I will talk. All. Day. Long.

For real – just ask – my husband, my children, my friends, and anyone that’s attended a meeting I’ve directed!

So, now that I’ve had THAT self-realization, I’ve decided to take the plunge and begin to blog. I believe I can help those who read this blog. I’ll just have to let them be the judge of that!

My husband, Larry, and I are not only life partners, but business partners, as well. We’ve worked together off and on throughout our marriage. The first jobs we had after we married were with the same company – and we never tired of being together! We have worked together on our own businesses for several years, now. Well, I’m getting ahead of myself. Watch for our story in the next post!


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