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Here are the products and resources we use in our business. You may not need all of them, and certainly don’t need them all at the very beginning, but they have helped us grow our business! (Many of these links are affiliate links. If you prefer not to buy with these links, you can just search for the items on Amazon or Google and use this list as your guide).

Some basics to help in the processing of inventory and shipping to Amazon:
For faster, more advanced Retail Arbitrage scanning in stores:


To help with Sourcing Products and Understanding Sales Ranks
  • Amazon Rankings Sheet (can also be found in the Files section on the MST FB Group page): Amazon Category Rankings Sheet
  • For historical data regarding sales ranks: and
  • Jungle Scout – This tool will take the sales rank, and give you an estimate of the number of units that are selling each month. We just use the free sales estimator tool, but it has a paid version as well: Jungle Scout


Tools / Services / Chrome Extensions for Retail and Online Arbitrage:
Some great free Chrome extensions to aid with Online Arbitrage / Wholesale / Private Label Sourcing:


Miscellaneous Suggestions and Tips:
    • Example: 170414_WM_0750_4 (April 14, 2017_WalMart_paid $7.50_4th item entered today
  • Here’s the link to the Proven Amazon Course list of endorsed / recommended resources: PAC Tools and Services Sheet. Also, please look through the Files section at the top of the MySilentTeam Facebook Group. There are a lot of great documents there, and they are updated often.
  • UPS Smart Pick Up – call and ask for 1 year free of their Smart Pick Up service (They will pick up at your location one time per week). When you establish an account with UPS, you can also order free shipping labels
  • The link to see which categories you are approved in:
  • UPC codes (if you need them to create new listings under your brand):



These are some of the tools we have used in our business. We hope that these will help you and that we can bless you by helping you reach your goals!

Larry and Sue Pruett

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